Creative writing exercises

Today I wanted to do something a bit different. I’m taking a writing class at my university and my professor mentioned some creative writing exercises that I’d like to try out. The premise is that I have to write two separate paragraphs where I describe the same thing from two different points of view. So today I’ll be describing a lake from the perspective of someone who is in love and someone who just had their computer crash on them, and they didn’t back up all their stuff.

Try to see which is which, I’m not titling them with any specifics so here we go, one run, I’m writing this minutes before I publish let’s see how it works (one might be a total fail)

1) As I looked out into the lines shaping the clear waters of lake Omaha, I could feel my stomach turning and twisting. The shallow waves crashed at the shore, forming small bubbles where the water skid the damp sand. The smell was that of moss, dark and humid. The skies are dark and menacing, reming me of the hard work I have coming for me the weeks to come. “resting” is not possible, although I’m surrounded by calm, I can feel my restlessness, growing inside me, anger bubbling, foaming. As I look out into the lines shaping the clear waters of lake Omaha, I can feel my stomach turning and twisting, my ming grinding, and hope slipping.

2) The lake was calm and at peace. The sun’s warm rays ran up my arm filling me with warmth and comfort, this moment I shall never forget. The breeze blew through me, slowly moving the small waves crashing by my feet, bubbles dancing upward as the water kissed the moistened sand. Reflecting over my past week, I looked up, the clouds dances. Cotton balls above me, glistening a silver shimmer as the sunlight dimmed behind them. A harmonious duo they were. The sweet smell of the lake filled to the brim with feelings of comfort and peace. The breeze blew past me, causing the flowers to dance beside me as I watched the world move past me. Right here, right now, nothing mattered.

Alright, no editing will be done to these, scouts honor they are 100% raw.

Advise, comments, suggestions?
All are welcomed, hope you enjoyed this little exercise and decide to try it out yourself, again sorry i’ve been away but I will make it a point to post at least twice a week, I already have some ideas in mind.

I do plan on doing a review of the items in the Vox Box and those will be up by this weekend.

Happy Days,
Greta k