Gadgets: iPad Mini 2 Review

Hi !
Let’s start from the beginning.
A week or so ago I went to one of my places on this earth (Lestats).
I was doing my homework when my boyfriend mentioned wanting to get an iPad. Well turns out the girl sitting at the table next to us had an iPad Mini 2 and we started a conversation.
A week later, here I am… On a train back home writing on my new iPad Mini.


Because I have only had my new gadget for about a week, I’ll be doing a simple review.

For starters, the girl at Lestats sold the iPad to me, she showed me all of the cool apps she used for school and since I was in the market for a new lighter computer (I was thinking Mac Book Air) I thought this would be perfect.

I decided on the iPad Mini 2, 16G. Because the new iPad is coming out soon, the one I got was brought down in price, which was perfect for me.

I was fully aware I wanted to use the iPad as a portable computer, to use when I was on the train home or just on the go, so it made sense to get a case with a keyboard, which is exactly what I am typing on now.

Although small, the Logitech keyboard is pretty amazing, I have medium size hands and I find it quite comfortable. The key board is plastic and the buttons actively push down, so you know you are clicking a key.


Because it is a smaller keyboard some buttons are stacked but with some getting used to, it’s not really a problem. Best part, it runs on Bluetooth.

The case stands the iPad up perfectly and does a good job at protecting it, although I would of preferred something a bit “cuter” I was impatient and bought what I needed without doing some other outside research.


Apps: The apps available for the iPad, when it comes to school, are amazing.

Penultimate is just about the greatest thing ever. It takes the place of your notebook in a sleek, easy to use way. Although it takes some getting used to, when you do the results are amazing.


When it comes to using Penultimate, I purchased a stylus pen that claimed to be the greatest thing ever, it wasn’t.

This Jot Pro: Adonit was the death of me the first day of school.

Although it looks promising, it doesn’t do all that it claims for the price.


Pretty fancy right?

So after thinking my iPad was broken and I would never be able to take notes by hand, and thinking it was all a waste of time, I decided to test a different pen.


Adorable right?

This is the best stylus I have used. My notes come out clean, no skipping and blank spots, every letter shows up when I write it and how I write it.
Best part, $10 less then the first one.

Along with Penultimate, I have the basic school apps, Apple’s Pages ect. Google docs ect.


Point is, if you are considering it, make the splurge, it’s a great tool to have.


Happy Days,
– Greta K


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