3:30 AM

It’s 3:30 A.m and I woke up a few minutes ago because my puppy wanted to go poop, I’m training her to use the pee pee pad so I had to take her to the bathroom so she knew not to go everywhere, the point is: I have a class at 7:00 am have to wake up at 5:30 to get to school on time and I don’t care that this little thing woke me up.

People say that when you have a child you feel a love and care for that being as something you’ve never felt before, well I’m sure this is the second best thing. I’ve gone through waves of anger, happiness, worry, joy, determination and hope and although she’s woken me up several times, I don’t care, to me she is perfect in everyday, even if she poops everywhere!

Funny story, we took her to meet our grandparents and she pooped under their piano.. Yeah she’s a fancy lady alright !

Happy days,
– Greta


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