The Art of Mixing and Matching: Part 2 Personal Style

Let me start off by saying that personal style is what you decide to wear, what you identify yourself with.
Last week in my intro to Photography class we had to bring in a “cultural selfie”. This cultural selfie had to say who you were behind just a snapshot you put up online, had to go beyond what you wanted to be seen as. While discussing my groups selfies I came across a girl, her selfie was her wearing dark colored clothing with heavy black eye shadow and liner and dark maroon color lipstick, to paraphrase her words: If society didn’t judge me, I wish I could dress like this, if I knew I wasn’t being criticized and labeled by how I look, I would dress differently.
As you can assume this astonished me, not that I haven’t stopped from wearing an article of clothing because I was scared of what people would think, but because who she was inside was so different then who she played off as being.

I’m not judging this girl at all, I actually believe that she had a point and a good observation on the way society (myself included) categorizes people and labels them before meeting them, I’m just wondering how many other people don’t show who they really are because they are in fear of not being liked or of being judged.

I am an avid believer that you should wear what you want, and although I don’t listen to my own advise at times, I try to follow and lead by example. Because I firmly believe that personal style should describe you and show the world who you are the idea of not being able to show this is terrifying to me.

Imagine how happier people would be if instead of wearing floral dresses to be liked they wore black skinny jeans and ripped t-shirts ( I am guilty of both).

Clothing is a way you tell the world who you are, although sometimes it may not be an exact representation, it should show an outline.

So here is my call to action, next time you second guess purchasing an article of clothing (this applies to both ladies and gentlemen) because you think it will make people look at you funny or judge you, throw that idea to the wind and do you, wear those suede blue pointed toe pumps, wear that camo shirt, wear that bow tie and leather boots. Nothing radiates confidence better then someone who owns their personal style and shows up feeling like a million bucks even if you got your entire outfit on sale.

Happy days,
– Greta

(today’s cover image was brought to you by Gossip Girl, because you know you love her)


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